Top 10 Quick Ways to Get Your Laundry Sorted

Top 10 Quick Ways to Get Your Laundry Sorted

Laundry, bored already? Well, you definitely are because it’s one of the toughest things one does in his chores and boring too. We all try to avoid it as much as we can just because it’s sometimes hectic and sometimes takes too much of our time to get sorted. But as they say for every difficulty there is a solution and those solutions are what we have tried to cover in our top 10 quick ways to get your laundry sorted. Follow these and you will be easy going through all of the material that you need to get covered in no time.

Be Quick in Removing Stains

One thing that you need to be sure of is that you need to remove all of the stains and not every stain is going to be of the same kind so you need to be very quick in removing them. So whenever you see something is sticking if nothing is available use water to get it rinsed, why? Because it will reduce your workload, later on, that’s why.

Get more hampers

Another thing that you need to do is getting more hampers or buckets in which you can easily sort the clothes out to do it even quicker you can divide your hampers into different colors so that they can make you go for them one by one without actually getting worried about what is in them exactly.

Do Job Properly

Okay it might be a tough deal but there’s no use if you don’t execute it exactly the way it needs to be. This means you need to wash properly and make sure that everything is property rinsed accordingly to the stuff it is made of. And you also need to take care of the temperature for certain clothes once again sorting earlier in hampers will help.

Keep Socks Same

One thing that all of us have to face while doing laundry is trying to find that other sock in the pair so try to keep that minimal use by only a few colors and go for the same brand this way you can easily find that missing sock even when it’s not the correct one.

Be Quick in loading

No matter what be very quick in loading and unloading. Because if you have a basket, you can simply put a cotton blanket in the dryer, and after it’s finished, use the blanket like a satchel and now you can carry all of it with just one trip.

Use Less Detergent

Another bang for the money that can make your laundry days really good is by using as less detergent as possible. Thing is that all of the detergent company’s suggest you use at least a cap full, which is probably because they want you to keep buying more often, but the reality is clothes and their real necessity a smaller amount will do, so save money by all means! We found using half of what’s recommended works just as good if not better than using a full cup.

Keep Machine-Clean Rule

The appliance is something that will help you clean things but who will clean it? Obviously it’s going to be you. So after every round whenever you are done you need to make sure that your machine is clean just so there isn’t any rust or any other stain on the block so that you don’t have to go on washing again and again.

Sort Clothes in Wardrobe

You have to be very careful when you fill that cupboard with all of the clothes and use the Front to Back rule. This way you can get the desired dressing out in no time and also you can make sure that which is clean and which might need another wash because it’s been there for a very long time.

Fold and Hang

Please! Laundry is a hectic thing to do for all of us so don’t let it go to waste trying to make sure that you wash and fold the clothes and hang all of the ones that need hanging. If you do that your clothes might need less washing.

Wash Less

Last but not least which you will find funny as well is that you should be washing as less as possible. You could probably wear lots of clothes more than once before you wash.

Five Green Cleaning Tips

Five Green Cleaning Tips

We can always do something for the environment even by simply following our daily routine. For instance, we can integrate greenways whenever we do our home cleaning or office cleaning routine. Below are some of the green cleaning tips you can easily follow:

1. Use natural cleaning products or green cleaning products

Most of the traditional cleaning products are petroleum-based and contain toxins that are harmful to human health and the environment. Replace your traditional cleaning products with natural ones like vinegar and baking soda or the green products available in the market.

2. Clean indoor air quality

Skip the store-bought air fresheners and instead try boiling cinnamon, cloves, or any other herbs you have a fondness for. Place indoor plants to help filter the air and eliminate environmental hazards like dust and chemicals present in your existing furniture or drapes.

3. Throw toxic cleaners carefully

When replacing your cleaning products, make sure you just don’t throw the old ones in the trash. If they’re too toxic for your home, then do not just place them in the trash bin. It is much better if you just deliver these wastes to a recycling center in your area that handles toxic and electronic wastes.

4. Hire a greenhouse cleaning or office cleaning service

Most people are busy nowadays and don’t find enough time to clean their house or office. Numerous home and office cleaning companies are offering daily and general cleaning services. For sure you can easily find one that can cater to your home or office cleaning needs.

5. Prevent toxins and pollutants from entering your house

If you can avoid it leave your dirty shoes or slippers outside your house. Moreover, if it is possible just to place your trash bin outside the house.

A Better Way of Cleaning Your Home

A Better Way of Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning!!!! Yeah!…Probably a typical reaction, although there are some of us that actually like cleaning. Me for instance… I learned to like it and now even work at it like a Pro. Well….in fact, I’m a Pro, I do have my own cleaning business and love sharing cleaning tips with others.

Over the years I’ve learned how to clean faster and with ease while keeping the process pretty much “green”. Now when I’m done with a room, my house or a client’s house, I enjoy seeing the end result and especially enjoy the scent of fresh clean space. Ahhh! Let me share a few tips from my Fast, Easy and Green Cleaning system.

Fast: That’s the idea! I didn’t come to “Fast” easily

Over the years, between some of my cleaning friends and me, we pretty much figured this out. One of the biggest time killers is clutter. So, start by un-cluttering. This will keep you from stopping and starting to pick up or move items as you are vacuuming or wiping a surface. A kitchen counter is a great place for clutter. There you’ll probably find; the blender, toaster, toaster oven, coffee maker, dirty dishes, etc. If at all possible, after they’ve cooled down, store the appliances in a cabinet and leave the ones you use infrequently, in the cabinet. Others, such as the George Foreman Grill, which perhaps you haven’t used in ages, consider other options…

Easy: Sure! Here the un-cluttering comes in real handy

You’re avoiding the frequent starts and stops to pick up or move items as you are wiping, cleaning or vacuuming. A great tip to remember here is to perhaps start with an easy chore like putting the bedrooms in order first so that you start out with something looking fairly decent. Plus, the floor will be clear when you vacuum. Next, move on to the bathrooms and then the kitchen. To save time and minimize running back and forth; 1) have the necessary supplies with you, 2) start from the top of the room, 3) work yourself down and then clockwise or counterclockwise, whichever is more natural to you.

Green: Now for the “smell good” and people/pet-friendly part

Contrary to what most commercial advertisers promote, much of the cleaning, if not all, can be done with ingredients you already have around the house; clean water, white distilled vinegar (a powerful deodorizer and cleaner), backing soda. (natural cleanser), lemon juice (great for removing mineral build-up, tarnish and grease). Also, lemon oil is great for wood furniture and can be purchased at hardware stores. Want to have a great smelling bathroom. How about a fresh potpourri: 1 Box of Baking soda, 5-10 drops of essential oils (your choice of fragrance), 1 decorative box. Place the baking soda in the decorative box, add the essential oil and mix. Set the box on the counter and enjoy the great scent.